Two’s Admission Process

We are proud to have a fun and safe space for kids to play and learn. For that to happen we have a special recipe for success. Please contact us if you have any questions about the list below.


All children must be vaccinated.


Parents must fill out California State form.


Student assessment. That’s when we make sure the school is a great fit for your child.


Children in our Two’s Program do not need to be potty trained, but we may ask you to send your child with a pullup. 


Application fee paid at the end of the enrollment process.

Two’s Program

Our Two's Program gets children to focus on their sensory and social development via numerous learning activities:

Language skills are developed using various instructional props and manipulatives during activity each week 

Two's Curriculum

Learning materials to develop critical motor skills, youthful creativity, and imagination while building body awareness and self-confidence

Storytelling, music, and movement to help further important literacy skills

Letter and number identification and oral language development through age-appropriate activities that are arranged thematically each week

Physical activities to engage the children in developing hand-eye coordination, balance, and strength


Two’s Investment & Schedule

It starts on August 13 2020, through May 28 2021.

All schedules are from 3:15 to 5pm.


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - 3 days: $745 - 10 installments

Other fees

Annual registration fee per child: $150 non-refundable.


You, even more than your amazing school, have made such an impact on our lives over the last 2+ years. You are love & positivity & inclusion, and genuine presence in one warm and inspirational package. I am so glad we met you and that my kiddos get to learn and play with you. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of all of us!


Emery, Hayden, Nicki, & Thomas

Would you like a sneak peak of our school? Sit back and enjoy your popcorn.

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