Choosing a preschool is an important step, just as important as choosing a college. The right preschool sets the stage for the learning that will continue through kindergarten and onward. At La Casita Day School we provide a safe and nurturing environment coupled with an exceptional learning experience that unlocks the potential of each child. Not only will students learn the Spanish language, they will learn pre-kinder concepts necessary to further their educational journey and beyond.


We understand that your children are the most important people in your life, and we don’t take that lightly. Your children are also important to us, as they are the future of our world. At La Casita Day School your children will be given the utmost care and provided the best possible education.


The future of our world depends on today’s young students having a global view of themselves and the world around them. Through our Spanish immersion program students will gain new perspectives and an appreciation for cultural differences. They will expand their intellectual and creative minds, build an awareness and appreciation for diversity, and create new opportunities that further enrich their lives.


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Irene Silva