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Welcome To Our School Renovation Journey!

Irene Silva


Maria Silva

In 2021, we embarked on a mission to transform a space into something far greater than just a building. It was an endeavor fueled by love, dedication, and a profound commitment to early childhood education. Through months of meticulous planning and tireless effort, we embraced the challenge of renovating a school, not merely for the present, but for generations to come.

From March to September 2022, our team worked tirelessly to breathe new life into every corner of the establishment. The transformation was nothing short of extraordinary. Windows were replaced, and mold, once a concern, was professionally remediated and rigorously tested, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our cherished students and staff. We even tackled 15 dump truckloads of dirt and sand infested with a swarm of sand bees, reshaping the landscape into a safer space for our children. Additionally, we ensured that the handicapped parking and entry to the front door were made ADA-compliant.

But our renovation journey didn't stop there. We pushed the boundaries of renovation further, replastering walls, adding texture, and applying fresh coats of paint to craft a space that breathes vibrancy and inspiration. New lighting fixtures were installed, casting a warm glow upon the path to knowledge, while the flooring received a complete overhaul, providing a sturdy foundation for the countless footsteps of learning that lie ahead.

The result? A complete metamorphosis from the previous occupant—a space that now exudes warmth, creativity, and boundless possibility. This isn't just a school; it's a sanctuary for growth, exploration, and discovery.

On September 29, 2022, a momentous occasion marked the apex of our journey. On the birthday of our beloved departed father, we proudly swung open the doors of our renovated facility, welcoming eager minds on their very first day of preschool. It was a day of jubilation, introspection, and remembrance—a fitting tribute to the enduring legacy of our father, Miguel Silva Garcia. A man who, despite facing challenges, migrated to the US through the Bracero Program in the 1950s, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and inspiring us to strive for greatness each and every day.

In dedicating our school to Miguel Silva Garcia, whose departure in August 2002 left a void in our lives, we honor a life lived with unwavering purpose, love, and boundless passion. His memory infuses every brick, every hallway, and every classroom with a sense of purpose and determination, reminding us of the profound impact one individual can have on the world.

As we gaze toward the horizon, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us on this remarkable journey of transformation. Together, let's forge a future brimming with promise, where every child has the opportunity to spread their wings and soar to new heights. Welcome to our renovated school—a beacon of hope, a sanctuary of dreams, and a testament to the enduring power of love, dedication, and commitment.

With Love and Heartfelt Gratitude,

Irene and Maria Silva

Sisters and Co-Founders

La Casita Day School

Continuing the Transformation:

Enhancing Our Preschool Environment with a $400,000 Capital Improvement

Continuing our commitment to enhancing the learning environment, we have embarked on another phase of transformation with an additional $400,000 capital improvement investment. This comprehensive upgrade includes the installation of a kitchen, catering to nutritional needs and fostering culinary education. Additionally, all classrooms will be furnished with brand-new, ergonomic furniture to promote comfort and productivity. Storage cabinets will be meticulously added to each classroom, ensuring organization and efficiency in every learning space. Furthermore, decorator blinds adorn the windows, not only adding aesthetic appeal but also regulating natural light for an optimal learning environment. Outside, children will be greeted with new and exciting outdoor play equipment, encouraging physical activity and imaginative play. With these enhancements, we continue to elevate our school into a beacon of modern education, where every aspect is designed to nurture the growth and development of our students.

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