Investment & Schedule


Full time schedule only Monday through Friday

9 am to 2 pm with a flexible pick up time 2 pm to 3 pm.

Fall program begins Thursday, August 13, 2020, through Friday, May 28 2021.



$1,035 - 10 installments



5 days: $150 per installments


5 days: $300 per installments

Other fees

Applicaiton Fee of $50: due when submitting the appicaiton. 

Annual registration fee per child: $250 non-refundable.


Garden Program:  Volunteer 10 hours of your time in the School Garden during the school year or $250 annual fee.

3 to 5 years old Preschool Program

Our program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten and for future success in school and in life. We lay the foundation for children to become fully bilingual. 

Learning more than one language at the same time is natural to young children. It helps them develop multiple, but inter-related, language systems, and increased cognitive functions. Dual language learners tend to demonstrate greater working memory, reasoning, flexibility, and problem solving.

Whether your child enters an English or Spanish immersion kindergarten, he or she will excel.

3 to 5 years old Curriculum

Artistic activities foster intellectual development. Some of the benefits are: stimulates both sides of the brain, increases the capacity of memory, attention, and concentration. Art helps develop reading skills, plus children do better in math and science.

Students learn letter and number concepts plus oral language development through age-appropriate activities that are arranged thematically each week.

Storytelling, music, and movement help to further advance important literacy skills

We use the award-winning curriculum:
Get Set For School by Learning Without Tears.

Get Set for School prepares preschoolers for kindergarten with hands-on, developmentally appropriate strategies for writing, early literacy and math.

La Casita Day School has developed it's own curriculum that connects art to the concepts being taught. This program is designed to support each child's developmental needs

Preschoolers have different styles of learning. We nurture the different styles through movement and participation.

Students will add on communication and life skills and understanding concepts through puppetry and dramatic play. Dramatic play encourages children to put themselves in someone else's shoes, such role-playing and helps them to improve their ability to do this in real life. They learn important social skills, such as empathy and language development

Language skills are developed throughout the day during circle time, transitioning from experience to another, outdoor play, story time, 

 and other interactive play.

We also use Estrellita Accelerated, beginning Spanish reading program. Based on scientific learning and reading principles, Estrellita provides multisensory instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics and fluency.


Admission Process

We are proud to have a fun and safe space for kids to play and learn. For that to happen we have a special recipe for success. Please contact us if you have any questions about the list below.


All children must be vaccinated.


Parents must fill out California State form.


Student assessment. That’s when we make sure the school is a great fit for your child.


Children on our 3 to 5 program must be potty trained. For a drama-free potty training experience, we recommend this book.


Application fee paid at the end of the online enrolling process.

I can't believe this is our 4th (!!!) and final graduation with you. Your friendship and guidance over the last few years have meant the world to me. Thank you for taking such great care of all of us.

Love, Nicki & the boys


Nicki & the boys


Ready to join La Casita Day School family?

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