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Please visit the Toddler Program Page to learn about the Curriculum, Tuition, Schedules & Requirements.

STEP 1 - Schedule a Tour 

Although not required, tours are an opportunity to meet, ask questions and learn about the massive benefits of our program. Contact us to schedule a tour. We recommend you read our Parent Handbook and read the FAQ page before the tour.

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Toddler Program Application Process

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STEP 2 - Apply to the Program

To start the process, please submit the application fee. After the fee submission, you will be re-directed to create a BrightWheel account. Here is where you will complete the application.

Toddler Program - $50 Non-Refundable Application Fee Payment Form
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Step 3 - A Student Assessment Is Not Required

We do not require a student assessment for our two's program, but we will require one prior to entering our preschool. We want to make sure our preschool program is a good fit for your child and they have an opportunity to meet the teachers. 

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Step 4 - Submit a Non-Refundable Deposit and Non-Refundable Registration Fee to Secure a Spot

This concludes the application process and begins your child's educational journey in preparing them for kinder and beyond. 

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BrightWheel - Use the button below to check your BrightWheel account for status and requests.

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Plan Ahead! - Download the PDFs, fill them out and have them ready to upload when requested through BrightWheel.


Download these forms for you to read and be informed.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us. 

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