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Mealtime Meltdown? Turn Dinner into a Delicious Adventure!

Does this sound familiar?

Kids pleading for pizza and pasta on repeat

"Ugh, not quesadillas again!" whines turn mealtimes into war zones.

I feel you, mama (or papa)! We've all been there.

I have tried some tips and tricks to calm this dinnertime meltdown. Let’s just get into the article for today and understand it thoroughly.

Let kids take the steering wheel (not literally)

Refrain from telling your kids to “clean your plate” or offer them some dessert treat if they will complete eating their food. It creates a negative association with healthy food. 

Instead, encourage the young chefs! Remove all the non-healthy food from the counter and keep all the healthier options, give your kid the plate, and let them choose from a variety of healthy options, it’s basically like building their veggie pizzas or grilled sandwiches.

Grocery Run with kids

Take your kid for a fun grocery run to the supermarket for the amazing meal–making process. Grocery shopping can become a little treasure hunt for new ingredients, - it helps in bonding strong connections. Kitchen prep turns into a whole fun activity when you actively create an enthusiastic environment with your kids.

The Pickiness won’t end

Refrain from forcing your kids to eat unfamiliar foods on their plates. Respect their dislikes without judgment, and simply offer an alternative to them. (Tacos instead of cheesy burgers!) 

Think Long-Term:

You need to understand that an overall healthy diet throughout the day is more than enough instead of focusing on healthier options on every plate. Remember to let go of dairy as some kids are lactose intolerant and limit sugary drinks and processed snacks, by doing all these you will be setting sail for a healthier future.

Spice Up the Mealtime!

Make sure mealtimes are no less than an adventure! Experiment with new foods together, invent funny stories about the veggies on their plate, and turn dinner into a fun family time every night. Remember, a positive atmosphere goes a long way!

Now let’s look at some short stories from my colleagues who used this technique.

My colleague’s son Michael was in charge of his plate, dinner time changed into a culinary masterpiece. He chose mashed potatoes with green beans and a chicken drumstick - without any hesitation, all thanks to letting the little chef express their creativity and fill his tummy!

My other friend Sasha’s daughter Sarah, realized her hunger cues and politely asked for a chicken roll instead of throwing a tantrum every night when she was called for dinner. 

Remember, sometimes healthy eating is more about understanding our bodies than following strict rules.

So there you have it! With a little patience, creativity, and acceptance, you can gracefully change our tiny chefs' chaotic dinner tantrums into adventures that nourish both their bodies and souls. Remember, the goal is to raise healthy, happy eaters, not culinary robots. So relax, have fun, and enjoy the ride!

To learn more about how to gracefully get things done from kids, visit our informative blogs.

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